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The Uses of Ground Penetrating Radar in the Construction Industry

Ground penetrating radar is a very well established tool because it helps to locate underground and encased objects that could be dangerous or damaging if they were to be uncovered or accidentally destroyed by construction efforts.

GPR is a real-time procedure that can immediately locate such underground items as electrical conduits that are buried in concrete, post tension cables, rebar and other such items that if cut or damaged could prove costly and dangerous.

This is a very useful tool because it provides a non-destructive way to detect elements that are hidden within concrete. It can locate targets that are encased within concrete and pinpoint where they are in a fast and safe manner.

The current technology allows the user to rapidly evaluate a concrete slab in a user friendly and a cost effective way in order to scan an area and find out what is located within. The GPR can scan larger areas of a concrete project in more than one passing motion and then put the images together to form a 3-D image. This gives a very accurate picture of where items are located, so an exact placement can be made.

This type of accuracy saves time and money because it allows safe drilling, cutting and coring of concrete, so no down time is required and no injuries or loss of life is a threat.

Ground penetrating radar is also a real boon in the mining industry, as rocks and hard surfaces can easily be analyzed as far doing a simple scan can discover faults, fractures and joints, so geologists will know the exact structure of what they are dealing with.

When dealing with minerals, an entire vein of the mineral can be tracked so it is known exactly where it goes. The detection of diamonds, gold, silver, and titanium is enhanced with these methods.

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