Concrete Scanning Services

Concrete Scanning can quickly locate and document what lies under the surface of the concrete to help avoid costly mistakes when cutting into concrete. Contractors often refer to it as concrete X-Rays but this term is misleading. GPR equipment (Ground Penetration Radar) is used that utilizes safe radio waves whereas X-Ray equipment uses gamma rays.

With highly portable concrete scanning technology it is possible to accurately locate conduit, rebar, voids, and post-tension cables hidden inside concrete structures. it can also be used to determine the thickness of concrete slabs in real-time. This structural technology is effective in locating both metallic and non-metallic elements and estimate the depth of such targets.

Concrete scanning services can be used as a preventive measure as well as to optimize project time and save costs. Typical concrete scanning applications include:

Location of metallic and non-metallic elements in floors, walls, and ceilings

Measurement of slab thickness

Structure inspection such as bridges, monuments, tunnels, garages, decks, towers, and balconies

Void location

Condition assessment for rehab planning

Cutting or drilling into concrete structures like floors, ceilings and walls without knowing what is under the surface can be dangerous and ultimately very costly if something like a conduit is hit. GPR technicians are able to use the latest scanning technology to quickly find conduits, identify the location of post-tension cables and locate rebar before it’s too late.

Every year thousands of dollars are spent on unexpected repairs to damaged cables and conduits that could have been avoided. It is extremely important to find out what is embedded in the concrete before commencing with any type of coring, cutting, or drilling to avoid damage and unforeseen expenses.

The portability of the latest Radar Imaging devices allows technicians to move quickly and easily around a job site and record large amounts of data in a short period of time. To avoid costly mistakes, use CSI Concrete Scanning & Investigations services before you start drilling or cutting into concrete.



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